Why a Magical Clown?

It feels good. Good for the audience, good for the performer.

Magic asks us to believe. We want to believe, but at the same time feel a little giddy about it. When the performer interjects humour into the presentation, we are then given the freedom to laugh at the antics of the performer, as well as at our own amazement. We are amazed by the magic and engulfed in the great healing powers of laughter.

Magic has fascinated Twiggly Wiggly for as long as he can remember. He recalls, “Whether it was watching my father perform a few simple tricks at home in our logging camp in the wilderness of British Columbia, or the rare opportunity to see Harry Blackstone Sr. On TV while visiting Vancouver, I was hooked on being a magician.”

How can CLOWN MAGIC help my event?


“Your level of professionalism and understanding of community events is highly regarded by Sannich. You were awesome!”

Mei Poon, Saanich Recreation